Kahles Helia RD

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Red dot sight Kahles Helia RD for the intuitive shot. When intuition becomes more important on... more
Product information "Kahles Helia RD"

Red dot sight Kahles Helia RD for the intuitive shot.

When intuition becomes more important on the move hunt, a reliable red dot sight is needed for the perfect shot. The Kahles Helia RD convinces with its unique anti-reflective coating and intelligent automatic switch-off.

All highlights of the Kahles Helia RD at a glance:

- 1.0x magnification
- Weight 42 g
- Length 55 mm
- Size of viewing window 26 x 22 mm
- Size red dot 2 MOA
- 4 brightness levels

On the move with the Kahles Helia RD when hunting for movement

Short reaction times, quick decisions and yet a precise shot: Motion hunting has high demands on the hunter and his hunting equipment. With the Kahles Helia RD, you get the support you need to take aim at the object in a short time. The red dot sight comes with a special anti-reflective coating so that the view remains undisturbed - no matter what the weather conditions or other environmental influences. The four manual light levels allow you to individually adjust the brightness of the red dot sight to the ambient light and weather conditions. The intelligent automatic shut-off switches the Kahles Helia RD into stand-by mode as soon as the hunting rifle is not moved. As soon as you lift the hunting rifle again, the red dot sight switches back to the previously selected brightness level.

The Kahles Helia HD is a relatively small red dot sight with an illuminated dot of only 2 MOA. This brings the great advantage that the illuminated dot only minimally covers the object and you overlook a large field of view. Ideal conditions for a precise shot in narrow aisles or other situations on the movement hunt. Optionally, the Kahles Helia RD is available including Picatinny/Weaver mount or adapter plate for other European mounts. The adapter plate features the "Doctor Sight" mount dimensions, giving you a variety of scope mounts for different weapon manufacturers.

Order red dot sights online

We will be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate red dot sight for movement and driven hunts. Contact us by phone at 06071-922765 or send us a message. We will help you as soon as possible.

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