Laserluchs Laser-Dimmer

Laserluchs LED-Dimmer

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The right dimmer for the Laserluchs LED-IR brighteners This dimmer was developed... mehr
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The right dimmer for the Laserluchs LED-IR brighteners

This dimmer was developed especially for the LASERLUCHS® IR-5000 and allows a stepless control of the output brightness. Thus you achieve an optimal and high-contrast image under all lighting conditions. This avoids glare caused by reflections at close range.

The LASERLUCHS® brightener+dimmer combination makes your night vision device even more versatile.

It is compatible with all LASERLUCHS® IR brighteners and offers a variety of innovative functions such as one-hand operation, battery voltage monitoring and a microprocessor-controlled pulse shift mode, which allows you to achieve outstanding results even in fog, rain and snow. In addition, it is possible to use the brightener to send out the international SOS emergency signal in an emergency and to make yourself noticed by rescue personnel with night vision devices.

  • comfortable and easy one-hand control
  • Stepless brightness control
  • operating status display
  • microcontroller controlled
  • pulse shift mode
  • Compatible with all LASERLUCHS® brighteners
  • Robust construction
  • Made in Germany
  • 36 months manufacturer warranty

Technical data LED dimmer

  • Battery CR123 or rechargeable battery Li-ion CR123A
  • Dimmer mode progressive brightness, 0-100% in 35 steps
  • Pulse shift mode 0-200Hz in 1Hz steps
  • Microcontroller 8bit MCU RISC 8Mhz
  • Power consumption in idle state 15µA
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