Lupine Alpha Helmet Lamp

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Lupine Alpha helmet lamp - uniquely much light The Lupine Alpha is by far the most feasible... more
Product information "Lupine Alpha Helmet Lamp"

Lupine Alpha helmet lamp - uniquely much light

The Lupine Alpha is by far the most feasible helmet and bicycle light currently available: With an incredible light output of 7,200 lumens, it transforms night into day. But not only the pure performance is convincing, but also the uniform, well-lit beam pattern. The Alpha combines 3 different lenses to a beam pattern tailored for racing use and thus illuminates both the close range and the distance first-class.

The lamp head was milled from solid material and is made of anodised aluminium. A large number of cooling fins ensure that the heat is removed, while a strip from LED´s, facing the driver (when mounted on the handlebar), signals the battery status so that the driver is always informed about the charge status.


Bluetooth control

The Alpha can not only be controlled via the supplied Bluetooth switch, but also via a mobile phone app. With this, the Alpha can also be programmed to meet individual needs.

Different power levels from 3 W to 70 W are available. Thus the light output can be adapted at any time to the needs.


Battery management

The battery has been optimized for the enormous performance with a new control unit and power electronics. The capacity indicator now lights up blue. The plug connection has also been redesigned and is not compatible with the previous ones. Therefore the Alpha can only be operated with the special battery and charged with the specially developed "Alpha Charger One".


Mounting options depending on the intended use of the lamp

The Lupine Alpha comes as standard either as helmet lamp, whereby it is to be noted that the enterprise is not permitted in Germany due to the enormous achievement in the range of the StVZO!

In the operation as helmet lamp the lamp head is fastened with a velcro tape to the helmet & the Akku over a cable fed. The battery can be put into a pocket of the clothing.

An optional quick-release is required for use as bicycle lighting. The lamp head is mounted with the corresponding quick release (either 31.8 mm or 35.0 mm), while the battery is attached to the frame with a Velcro tape.


Not only mountain bikers, speleologists, mountaineers, but also cyclists with a special inclination might be interested in this incredible lighting.

We expressly point out once again that the operation of the Lupine Alpha in Germany and in the area of the StVZO as bicycle lighting is FORBIDDEN.


Scope of delivery:

  • Alpha Lamphead with 7.200 Lumen / 70 Watt
  • Li-Ion battery 14.4 V / 6.9 Ah / 99 Wh
  • Alpha Charger One - Charger
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Peppi V5 Bluetooth Holder
  • Alpha helmet holder arm (one-sided mounting)
  • Front click helmet holder
  • Velcro short
  • Velcro tape long
  • 120m extension cable

light output

  • at maximum light output 1h 20m burning time
  • with lower output up to 110 hours burning time

instruction manual

Optional accessories

  • As an optional accessory there is the possibility to purchase an "Alpha quick release" for bicycle handlebars with 31.8 or 35.0 mm diameter.
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