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Niggeloh Das Etui "Light"
Niggeloh ALL-In-One-Case "LIGHT"
Niggeloh ALL-In-One-Case "LIGHT" for carrying ammunition on your next hunt
Content 1 Stück
€47.00 *
Niggeloh Das Etui "light" - Patroneneinsatz (einzeln)
Niggeloh ALL-In-One-Case "LIGHT" - cartridge...
Inserts for "Das Etui light" by Niggeloh in various constellations and combinations of placeholders for cartridges.
Content 1 Stück
€14.90 *
Niggeloh Cartridge Wallet "Loden"
Niggeloh Cartridge Wallet "Loden"
A classic and functional cartridge case for the demanding hunter from Niggeloh.
€29.00 *
Niggeloh Rucksack-Gewehrgurt
Niggeloh Backpack Rifle Sling
The rucksack rifle belt from Niggeloh is used to carry a rifle with unlimited freedom of movement at the same time.
Content 1 Stück
€66.00 *
Niggeloh Das Etui
Niggeloh "Das Etui"
The Niggeloh case is extremely versatile and can be used to carry cartridges, cameras, binoculars or even mobile phones, depending on the application.
Content 1 Stück
From €60.50 *
Niggeloh Gewehrgurt Titan 2 braun
Niggeloh Rifle Sling "Titan 2"
The rifle sling "Titan 2" from Niggeloh is especially strong and robust. It is therefore an ideal rifle sling, especially for tracking wounded game.
Content 1 Stück
€87.90 *
6x Kugel 4x Schrot Niggeloh Einsatz
Niggeloh "Das Etui" Accessories
Inserts for "Das Etui" by Niggeloh in various constellations and combinations of placeholders for cartridges.
Content 1 Stück
From €19.50 *
Niggeloh Schrotpatronengurt Shotgun
Niggeloh shotgun cartridge belt "Shotgun"
The shotgun cartridge belt "Shotgun" from Niggeloh is specially designed for hunting small game with a shotgun and holds space for 17 shotgun cartridges.
Content 1 Stück
€51.70 *
Niggeloh Gewehrgurt Action mit Steckverschluss
Niggeloh Rifle Belt "Action" with buckle
The rifle belt "Action" has the function to keep the rifle taut on the body. You will find a large selection of rifle straps in our shop!
Content 1 Stück
€93.50 *
Niggeloh Gewehrgurt Automatic
Niggeloh Rifle Sling "Automatic"
The rifle sling "Automatic" of the company Niggeloh tightens automatically if the rifle is not carried.
Content 1 Stück
€93.00 *

Products from Niggeloh


Niggeloh - functional hunting accessories easy to carry

For over 40 years, the German company Niggeloh has ensured that hunters can carry their accessories easily and comfortably on the hunt. Because Niggeloh has specialized in the production of high-quality, functional rifle slings and carrying straps as well as bags. Under the motto "Carrying made easy", the company develops and manufactures products with Made in Germany quality. They experience hunters not only immediately while carrying through a high comfort, but also especially in the high durability of the Niggeloh products.

"Carrying made easy" has been the company motto for more than 40 years.


Niggeloh - that's know-how & quality from Germany

Behind the name Niggeloh lies a company history that is based on more than four decades of experience and expertise. The medium-sized company is based in Radevormwald in the Bergisches Land region of North Rhine-Westphalia. Continuous development and exchange with customers and experts ensure that Niggeloh has acquired comprehensive know-how. Based on this experience and knowledge, they develop high-quality rifle slings, cartridge belts and holders and carrying straps of all kinds. Over the years, further accessories for the hunter have been added to the Niggeloh range - for example protective covers for rifle scopes and cartridge cases. Niggeloh also offers the right dog equipment for the hunter's faithful companion. These include collars, leashes and dog harnesses, but also rifle slings for the hunter or sweat and rummaging dog handler.

The most modern, computer-controlled knitting and sewing machines enable Niggeloh to work carefully, so that it can always guarantee high quality. The products are offered in different variants, so that the hunter always finds a suitable belt or a suitable cartridge case. Different materials, colours and sizes are available.

The products of Niggeloh - Made in Germany

Niggeloh's goal is a trusting, long-term cooperation with hunters and partners. For this reason, they rely on the use of natural and non-toxic materials that are processed into functional, attractive and durable products. They see "Made in Germany" as their obligation:

  • high product quality and long service life
  • Close proximity to customers, customer service & spare parts supply
  • world leading products, manufactured in Germany
  • Tested materials free of harmful substances
  • sustainable production, maximum protection for the environment & resources
  • German employer
  • own ideas & development of production - no imitation of foreign designs


The range at a glance - tried and tested hunting products & equipment


Niggeloh - especially the boss himself - has acquired the competence for the hunting area through many years of experience and a passion for hunting. Together with other hunters, the products are developed and tested in real hunting practice. Niggeloh's core competence is the production of rifle slings, carrier bags and cases made of high-quality neoprene. The material offers various advantages for hunting - including high functionality, low weight and pleasant wearing comfort as well as moisture resistance. It is also non-slip, abrasion-resistant and easy to clean. In addition, Niggeloh offers hunting equipment made of other materials such as leather or loden.

  • Rifle slings are available in various designs - for example, completely made of neoprene or as an elegant variant with saddle leather, where the underside is made of non-slip neoprene. This combines traditional design with high wearing comfort.
  • Covers made of padded Cordura for optimum protection of the hunting rifle against rain, dirt and scratches. The Gun Protector is adjustable in length and can therefore be adapted to any weapon. Due to the soft material and rubber-coated magnetic fasteners, the case can be opened silently and in a flash. It therefore accompanies you not only during the transport of the weapon, but also during the hunt.
  • Hunting accessories - cartridge belts, cartridge cases, muzzle protectors, braces, caps and backpacks


Dog Equipment

The Niggeloh products for dogs and dog handlers are designed in close cooperation with experts and hunters, so that they convince in practice without exception by a solid quality and innovation. This creates the best conditions for a reliable partnership between dog handlers and dogs.

  • Harnesses for dogs are often used in hunting. Especially in combination with a towing and search line, the harness is absolutely necessary to ensure the safety and health of the dog. Together with mantrailing and dog experts, Niggeloh has developed various harness variants that can be optimally adapted to the fit and size of the dog, convince with high robustness and, last but not least, offer high wearing comfort for the four-legged friend.
  • Niggeloh offers leashes in the variants lead and shoulder leash. Many products are manufactured here (in colour) to match neckings and harnesses. Of course each hunter and dog handler can combine the products independently. The leashes are robust and have a long service life, which is advantageous for the sometimes hard operating conditions in the area.
  • Necks are available in various designs. They are characterized by a high wearing comfort for the dog and a reliable material safety. The materials used - neoprene, loden, cordura and leather - as well as the closure parts are free of harmful substances.
  • Shoulder holster for dog handlers: They enable the hunter or dog handler to always have both hands free. Radio and tracking devices, cartridges, cameras, mobile phones and other equipment can be stored reliably and practically in the shoulder holster. The shoulder holsters can be worn in combination with a backpack rifle strap and under or over the jacket.


Optics accessories

The protection of the highly sensitive and expensive hunting optics is an important topic, after all one wants to enjoy rifle scope and binoculars for many years. Niggeloh relies on the proven neoprene, which not only offers sufficient protection against dirt and scratches, but is also very comfortable to wear. Because the tastes and requirements are different, there is also here a versatile selection of binocular belts and protective covers for riflescopes.

  • Niggeloh covers for riflescopes are made of a bi-elastic upper material in combination with neoprene. This enables optimal protection, high durability and fast handling on the rifle range.
  • Binocular belts are available in cowhide, neoprene and combined materials. They are characterized by a body-friendly fit, a pleasant wearability and high robustness. Thus binoculars and cameras can be carried safely and comfortably. This is not least due to the adjustability of the binocular straps to adapt them to the respective person and use.

Due to the high-quality workmanship, the high wearing comfort and the versatile selection of reliable hunting accessories, we are pleased to be able to offer you Niggeloh products in the shop.