Steiner eRanger 8 2-16x50

  • Steiner Optik
  • SW41249
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This product will be released at 1 August 2024

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Steiner eRanger 8 2-16x50 - ballistic precision for more accuracy at a distance With... more
Product information "Steiner eRanger 8 2-16x50"

Steiner eRanger 8 2-16x50 - ballistic precision for more accuracy at a distance

With unsurpassed precision - thanks to the integrated ballistic calculator, which displays real-time results in the field of view - the eRanger 8 2-16x50 from Steiner is an ideal riflescope for taking a shot at long distances - regardless of the hunter's experience. This is because the riflescope receives the calculated shooting distance from your binoculars via Bluetooth and then shows the calculated point of impact on the field of view display so that you only need to adjust the reticle.

All the highlights at a glance:

  • 2-16x magnification
  • 50 mm objective lens diameter
  • 34 mm central tube diameter
  • High light transmission (90 %)
  • Field of view at 100 m (20.5 m - 2.56 m)
  • Display integrated in the field of view with real-time ballistics calculator
  • 4-AI reticle with 11 brightness levels 6 h automatic switch-off, 2nd image plane
  • 888 g weight
  • Connectivity via smartphone app and eRanger LRF 10x42


Optimized for accurate, fast long-range shooting

Thanks to the magnification range with 8x zoom, you can use the riflescope with anodized housing in a variety of ways and optimally adjust it to different hunting situations. However, the heart of the new eRanger 8 2-16x50 is the ballistics computer, which determines the bullet drop in real time and shows it on the display integrated in the field of view. By taking into account environmental sensors and tilt angles, the Steiner eRanger 8 2-16x50 is particularly suitable for very precise long-range shots or shots from difficult angles. The integrated tilt indicator eliminates possible shooting errors, so that even beginners and inexperienced shooters can take a shot that is appropriate for hunting.

As the display is integrated directly into the field of view, you can act quickly as soon as you have addressed the game via the eRanger LRF binoculars and it has transmitted the shooting distance to the ZFR via Bluetooth. You can then use the height adjustment to set the correction of the bullet trajectory to the game animal determined by the laser rangefinder. The data for this is shown on the display. Using the Steiner Connect App 2.0, you can transfer individual data from your smartphone to the riflescope and adapt it to different hunting situations. Even more innovative connectivity is available to owners of eRanger LRF 10x42 binoculars, which send the measured data directly to the riflescope via Bluetooth.


Crystal clear images in any light situation

In combination with the high light transmission of 90 %, the high-performance optics deliver reliably bright images, regardless of the lighting conditions. The illuminated reticle in the 2nd image plane can be precisely adjusted to different lighting situations, allowing you to use the riflescope in a variety of ways. The buttons can be felt and heard during adjustment, allowing intuitive operation.


Master long distances with maximum precision - regardless of the environmental conditions and personal experience in long-range shooting: This is what the eRanger 8 2-16x50 from Steiner enables you to do. If you would like to find out more about the product, please contact us on 06071-922765 or by email.

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