Swarovski BTX 35x95

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  • SW40265
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Swarovski Optik BTX 35x95: Unique view with two eyepieces With the new BTX spotting scope,... more
Product information "Swarovski BTX 35x95"

Swarovski Optik BTX 35x95: Unique view with two eyepieces

With the new BTX spotting scope, Swarovski Optik is changing the world of ornithology and bird watching as well as animal and nature observation - both during and outside the hunt. The spotting scope with two eyepieces is a real world novelty that provides a unique view. Discover the BTX 35x95 now in the online shop of Titanium Gunworks!


BTX 35x95 - for an authentic viewing experience!

With the innovative BTX 35x95 you will experience a breathtaking new world of bird and nature observation! For the first time, Swarovski Optik has equipped a spotting scope with two eyepieces, which bundles the entire sight of the pair of eyes and makes the image appear more authentic. For the first time, the BTX combines the advantages of a telescope and binoculars.

With the new binocular system, the BTX is much closer to natural vision than other spotting scopes with an eyepiece. The high-quality Field Flattener lenses in combination with fluoride-containing HD lenses also support an incomparable viewing experience. This ensures undreamt-of edge sharpness and colour fidelity.


The ideal companion for long observation!

Thanks to the proven optics of the manufacturer, no detail remains hidden - not even during hours of observation. Because the BTX 35x95 is equipped with a forehead support and angled view, which promises high comfort during longer observation sessions. This allows ornithologists and animal observers to concentrate fully on their surroundings and the numerous details of nature and wildlife.

The innovative BR balance rail and the PTH professional tripod head continue to provide absolute stability - even with prolonged vision. Correctly adjusted, the spotting scope remains in its position.


BTX 35x95: Innovative sighting aid and novel extender

The BTX 35x95 provides an authentic image at high magnification, making it ideal for long range observation. The innovative sighting aid helps the observer to quickly focus the image at high magnifications. The object can be located quickly using the search circle, visible in the field of view of the BTX.

If higher magnifications are required, the BTX can be equipped with an ME 1.7x Extender. The innovative extender can be easily mounted between the objective and eyepiece with a bayonet lock and increases the magnification by a factor of 1.7. The BTX 95 then increases the magnification from 35x to 60x.


Flexible solutions for forest and meadow!

Swarovski Optik is fully committed to modularity in the technology of the new BTX, so that the model can also be combined with the ATX and STX telescope systems. Swarovski Optik thus offers ornithologists, animal observers and hunters the opportunity to adapt their equipment to the respective situation.

If you have any questions about the new BTX 35x95, please contact us at 06071-922765! We will be happy to help you choose the right observation equipment.



  • Compatibility with ATX/STX series 
  • Easily adjustable pupil distance
  • Novel sighting aid
  • fits on the new BR balance rail
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Eigenschaften für Swarovski BTX 35x95
Vergrößerung: 35
Wirksamer Objektivdurchmesser [mm]: 95
Austrittspupille [mm]: 2,7
Austrittspupillenabstand (Augenabstand) [mm]: 21
Sehfeld (m/1000m) [m]: 32
Sehfled [°]: 1,8
Sehfeld für Brillenträger [°]: 1,8
augenseitiges Sehfeld [°]: 60
kürzeste Einstellentfernung [m]: 5
Dioptrieausgleich [dpt]: ± 4
Dioptriekorrektur bei Unendlich [dpt]: >5
Pupillendistanz [mm]: 56-72
Länge [mm]: 458
Gewicht [g]: 2760
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