Swarovski CSO Linsenreinigungsset

Swarovski CSO Lens Cleaning Set

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Preserve what's precious to you with the CSO lens cleaning kit. Riflescopes and binoculars... more
Product information "Swarovski CSO Lens Cleaning Set"

Preserve what's precious to you with the CSO lens cleaning kit.

Riflescopes and binoculars with finely adjusted optics, high brilliance and razor-sharp images: That's what you want to preserve, of course, and not diminish the quality of your riflescope, birding and nature observations. With the CSO lens cleaning set, Swarovski offers the ideal package to clean and protect valuable hunting and observation optics for the long term.

All highlights of the CSO lens cleaning set at a glance

  • Suitable for all optical lenses
  • Reusable
  • Packed in a high-quality bag

Ideal for on the go or as a supplement

If you do not have the possibility to clean your lenses at home under running water or are looking for a suitable supplement for cleaning them, the CSO lens cleaning set from Swarovski is ideal. The CSO lens cleaning set consists of a gentle lens cleaner, a fine cleaning brush, a handy bellows and two microfiber cloths in different sizes. All products are not only suitable for repeated use, but are conveniently stored in a high-quality bag. The bag itself can also be cleaned in the washing machine.

Overall, the CSO lens cleaning kit is very handy and therefore ideal for cleaning during hunting or nature excursions as well as while traveling.


The bellows is ideal for removing coarse dust & particles before the actual cleaning process, so that they cannot scratch the lenses. Made of silicone, the bellows is handy and effortless to use.

Cleaning brush

The cleaning brush is also used to remove smaller dirt particles so that they cannot scratch the lens surface. The soft special brush has a rounded brush head and a handle made of bamboo wood.

Lens cleaner

The liquid is free of alcohol and silicones. The lens cleaner prevents fogging of the lenses, for example due to high humidity or your own breath. Due to the antistatic effect, dust and dirt adhere less well. At the same time, the solution removes grease residues from the lenses.

As Swarovski increasingly dispenses with plastic, the lens cleaner is available in a glass bottle.

Microfiber cloths

The CSO lens cleaning kit contains two microfiber cloths , one measuring 17 x 17 cm and one 25 x 25 cm. The cloths can be easily reused after cleaning in the washing machine at 40°.


Step by step to clean lenses

The best way to clean the lenses on your binoculars or riflescope is to first use the bellows to remove the coarsest dirt with the gentle air pressure. Then you can use the brush to remove the remaining dust and dirt. Finally, gently apply the lens cleaner with the microfiber cloth to make the lenses dust and dirt resistant again.

General care tips for lens cleaning

Ideally, you should clean the lenses of your binoculars or riflescopes at home, where you can create a dust- and dirt-free environment. Unscrew the eyepieces and run running water over the lenses. Use a soft stream of water. The water will rinse off dust and dirt particles, preventing these hard particles from scratching the lenses. Only now can you use a gentle cleaning agent (e.g., mild dishwashing detergent) to remove grease and streaks from the lenses. Remaining water or cleaning drops are best dabbed off with a soft microfiber cloth.

If you are out hunting, observing nature or traveling, the Swarovski CSO lens cleaning kit is the ideal alternative to the conventional method of cleaning your lenses.

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