Swarovski dS Gen.II 5-25x52 P

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Swarovski dS II. Gen 5-25x52 - the intelligent riflescope for long shots on the hunt While the... more
Product information "Swarovski dS Gen.II 5-25x52 P"

Swarovski dS II. Gen 5-25x52 - the intelligent riflescope for long shots on the hunt

While the Swarovski dS II. Gen 5-25x52 calculates all important parameters of the bullet trajectory for the holding point at longer distances, you can fully concentrate on the essentials. The intelligent riflescope can be adjusted to individual needs, so that you have the ideal conditions and personal preferences for a successful shot in front of you in almost every hunting situation.

The highlights of the dS II. Gen 5-25x52 at a glance

  • 5-25x magnification
  • 52 mm objective lens diameter
  • Integrated rangefinder with barometer, temperature and inclination angle
  • 40 mm center tube diameter
  • 1 m measuring accuracy
  • 1024 m maximum breakpoint correction
  • Good light transmission (83 %)
  • 64 brightness levels
  • Configuration of individual ballistic data via smartphone app & Bluetooth
  • Individualization of the display via smartphone app

Optional for the riflescope dS II. Gen 5-25x52

  • CSO lens cleaning kit
  • Protective cover
  • SLP rifle scope protective cover


The dS II. Gen 5-25x52 is delivered together with a transparent protective cap, a microfiber cloth, adjustment tool Large, Torx TX6 and adjustment tool in the turret, battery and the data sheet for shooting in.


One hundred percent reliable - the Swarovski dS II. Gen 5-25x52!

Air pressure, temperature, angle, own ballistic data: The Swarovski dS II. Gen 5-25x52 balances all relevant parameters for the ideal holding point. At the push of a button, you can start the measurement to the target and the calculations of the trajectory as well as the breakpoint. Immediately afterwards, the result is displayed to you. You get the exact distance and - taking into account all data such as air pressure and temperature - the exact aiming point.

Maximum customizability via configuration app

The individual ballistics data is transmitted from the configuration app directly to the riflescope via Bluetooth. You can also decide between six reticles via the app, as well as customize the line and dot reticles. Other features that can be customized via the app include:

  • Display in metric or imperial unit of measure.
  • Wind speed, bullet speed, flight time and impact energy (max. 3 parameters are displayed)
  • Setting of the respective display position in the display
  • Switching on and off of display elements (wind threads, cant warning)
  • Definition of specific values such as wind strength, reticle strength, display duration

It has never been so easy and comfortable to get all shooting relevant details at a glance. Thanks to its customizability, the Swarovski dS II. Gen 5-25x52 is a reliable companion in every hunting situation - 100 percent!

With the dS II. Gen 5-25x52, Swarovski launches the second generation of intelligent riflescopes and provides a whole new experience while hunting - one where you can fully concentrate on the essentials and always have your target in sight.


Slimmer & more ergonomic in the 2nd generation.

Available as a ring-mount (without rail) and rail-mount (SR rail), the riflescope continues to rely on well-known technologies from the Tyrolean company: the Swarolight function automatically switches on the illuminated reticle when you pick up the rifle and it is no longer in the vertical position (e.g. standing in the pulpit). This means that you do not lose any time for unnecessary hand movements. Via the high-resolution display of the dS II. Gen 5-25x52's high-resolution display, all data is displayed sharply and precisely in the image - among other things, the riflescope measures the ambient brightness and adjusts the brightness level. In total, there are over 64 brightness levels.

The second generation of the dS riflescope is somewhat slimmer. A 40 mm center tube diameter and a narrower battery turret make for more ergonomic handling - compared to the 1st generation dS.


Do you have any questions about the new dS II. Gen 5-25x52 from Swarovski, please feel free to contact us during business hours by phone at 06071-922765 or conveniently by email.


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Eigenschaften für Swarovski dS Gen.II 5-25x52 P
Vergrößerung: 5-25x
Wirksamer Objektivdurchmesser [mm]: 48-52
Austrittspupille [mm]: 9,6-2,1
Austrittspupillenabstand (Augenabstand) [mm]: 95
Sehfeld (m/100m) [m]: 7,3-1,5
augenseitiges Sehfeld [°]: 21,5
Dioptrieausgleich [dpt]: -3 bis +2
Treffpunktkorrektur / Klick [mm/100m]: 7
max Stellweg nach Höhe/seite [m/100m]: 1,2/0,7
manueller Paralaxenausgleich [m]: 50-∞
Filtergewinde Objektivseitig: M 63x0,75
Länge [mm]: 403
Gewicht [g]: 1090
Mittelrohrdurchmesser [mm]: 40
Helligkeitsstufen: 64
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