Swarovski Z8i+ 0,75-6x20

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Z8i+ 0.75-6x20 - Riflescope from Swarovski Optik - The Plus for driven hunts With its... more
Product information "Swarovski Z8i+ 0,75-6x20"

Z8i+ 0.75-6x20 - Riflescope from Swarovski Optik - The Plus for driven hunts

With its outstanding field of view and improved optical technology, the Z8i+ 0.75-6x20 rifle scope from Swarovski Optik is truly a rifle scope that deserves the "plus" in its name: See more, decide faster. Just the right choice for driven hunts.

All highlights at a glance:

  • 0.75-6x magnification
  • Outstanding field of view (64.6-8.1 m / 100 m)
  • 6.3-20 mm objective lens diameter
  • 34 mm slim center tube
  • 590 g weight
  • On/off function for illuminated reticle (SWAROLIGHT function)


Included with the Z8i+ 0.75-6x20 riflescope are clear protective caps, rail cover for SR models, 2 TL+ magnification levers for self-assembly in black and orange, and battery and spare battery.

Optional for Z8i+ models:

  • Flexible ballistics turret BTF (mountable without tools).
  • Personalized Ballistic Ring (PBR) for BTF
  • SLP-O-24+ Telescopic sight cover
  • SLP-E-51+ scope cover
  • tMA 24+ Clamp adapter for tM 35 thermal imager (not suitable for SR models)
  • AFL+ anti-fog lens


Z8i+ 0.75-6x20 with outstanding field of view for driven hunts

It's no secret that a rifle scope with the widest possible field of view is an advantage when driven hunting. The Z8i+ 0.75-6x20 rifle scope impresses with its outstandingly large field of view of 64.6 m at 0.75x magnification. In combination with VIEWPLUS - the optimized optical system - you get a good overview of the action very quickly. The ideal conditions for quickly making the right decision and firing a precise shot.

The Z8i+ 0.75-6x20 riflescope has a large eyebox - ergonomically shaped - thanks to which you can address the passing game particularly quickly. Excellent viewing comfort and fast target acquisition in combination. The ergonomic TL+ magnification lever and the shortened zoom rotation range of 160° make handling the Z8i+ 0.75-6x20 easy and fast.


Reticle with automatic on/off function

The Z8i+ 0.75-6x20 is available with five different reticles: 4A-I, D-I, LD-I, BRT-I or 4A-IF, where you can switch between 4A-IF and D-I reticles as desired. The SWAROLIGHT function is integrated in all reticles - the automatic switch-on and switch-off function which, thanks to a tilt sensor, independently detects whether you bring the riflescope into shooting position or not. The advantage: as soon as you pick up the hunting rifle, the illuminated reticle is ready for use. At the same time, SWAROLIGHT conserves battery power and extends the runtime.


A driven hunt rifle scope through and through

With its extremely large field of view, high level of viewing comfort and intuitive handling, Swarovski Optik has truly designed a riflescope for driven hunts with the Z8i+ 0.75-6x20 that creates the best conditions for fast target acquisition.

If you would like advice on the new riflescope from the Z8i+ series, please contact us directly. Ask us your questions at 06071-622765 or by mail.

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Eigenschaften für Swarovski Z8i+ 0,75-6x20
Vergrößerung: 0,75-6
Wirksamer Objektivdurchmesser [mm]: 6,3-20
Austrittspupille [mm]: 8,1-3,2
Austrittspupillenabstand (Augenabstand) [mm]: 95
Sehfeld (m/100m) [m]: 64,6-8,1
augenseitiges Sehfeld [°]: 28
Dioptrieausgleich [dpt]: -3 bis +2
Treffpunktkorrektur / Klick [mm/100m]: 10
max Stellweg nach Höhe/seite [m/100m]: 2,0/2,0
Länge [mm]: 282
Gewicht [g]: 590
Mittelrohrdurchmesser [mm]: 34
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