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Kahles Accessories for Rifle Scopes and Binoculars

Kahles is a manufacturer that concentrates on the essentials when developing its products and designing its product range. This also applies to the sophisticated accessories that the Austrian manufacturer offers for rifle scopes and binoculars.


Optics protection & accessories for hunting & sport shooting

With its range of accessories, Kahles serves its two core areas: Hunting and sport shooting. Kahles offers reliable flip-up covers for optimum protection of the optical system, suitable for the respective rifle scopes from the two lines HELIA for hunters and K for sport shooters. If the hunting or sporting weapon is not in the firing position or is being transported, the lenses could get dirty or scratch without optical protection. In the case of a very expensive investment such as a rifle scope, it is of course important to avoid this in order to be able to benefit reliably from Kahles' high-quality optical system in the long term.


By means of honeycomb filters and sun protection you can prevent the reflection of (sun) light on the lens and thus remain unnoticed by the game or disturbing reflections in the optics are effectively prevented. If you want to fine-tune the parallax on the rifle scope or want to read the numbers better, you can use the Kahles parallax wheel, which the manufacturer offers for the K line of sport shooters. For the HELIA line Kahles offers a patented quick adjustment to compensate the ballistic projectile drop quickly and easily.


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Kahles is a traditional manufacturer of optical instruments with over 120 years of company history and expertise. The company, which is located near Vienna, therefore manufactures absolutely precise, reliable products and custom-fit accessories, which we are happy to offer you in our shop.


If you have any questions about the products or need support with the selection, we are happy to assist you with our personal experience and our expert advice as practicing hunters.

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