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Meopta rifle scopes with illuminated reticle for stalking & driven hunts

The Meopta riflescopes with reticle illumination are suitable for all light conditions during hunting. The RD illuminated reticle, with which all RD (Red Dot) rifle scopes from Meopta are equipped, offers maximum flexibility in seven lighting levels - from low to daylight illumination. This means you are perfectly equipped for all hunting situations and can adjust the rifle scope at any time with just one movement.


Precise sighting - in poor visibility, at dusk & at night

Black reticle on the black object against a nocturnal background: When twilight sets in or it has already become dark without the moon providing much light, a precise shot without illuminated reticle is almost impossible. So reticle lighting clearly has its advantages. Meopta offers rifle scopes with reticle illumination, which can be optimally adjusted to different hunting situations:

  • several levels for different luminosity
  • Illuminated reticle with intelligent automatic switch-off
  • Models with RD (Red Dot) and RGD (additionally with green daylight reticle)

Depending on the model, Meopta offers reticle lighting with seven or eight levels to regulate brightness, for example to avoid outshining in the dark. With the RGD riflescopes, a green illuminated reticle can be switched on during the day so that the advantages of an illuminated dot can also be used in bright daylight. The advantage: During the day, the human eye can perceive green better than red.


The choice is yours: different target optics with illuminated reticles

In our assortment you will find Meopta rifle scopes with reticle illumination from the lines MeoStar R1 and MeoStar R2. So you can choose the right riflescope for your needs and your budget - and enjoy the additional advantage of illuminated reticles. If you are looking for a suitable rifle scope for stalking, driven or big game hunting, we recommend the MeoStar R2 1-6x24 RD: It is light and can therefore be carried easily on the gun. Daytime illuminated reticles support a precise volatile shot.


The MeoStar R1R 3-12x56 RGD with its high magnification range and large lens diameter does a great job on the hide. A high light transmission favours a precise shot, especially at dusk and at night. The reticle is processed in the 2nd image plane so that it is easily perceptible at any magnification. In the mountains or for various types of hunting, you should better use a medium-heavy rifle scope with a medium magnification range and a good objective diameter. These criteria are met by the MeoStar R1 1-6x42 rifle scope with 4C illuminated reticle.


We would be happy to advise you in detail about the Meopta rifle scopes with illuminated reticle. If you wish a direct consultation, call us simply to the office hours under +49-6071-922765. Otherwise you reach us comfortably and at any time by E-Mail. Then we will get back to you as soon as possible with suitable answers to your inquiry.