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Swarovski tMA Klemmadapter für tM 35
Swarovski tMA thermal monocular adapter
€204.30 *
Swarovski RB tM 35 Akku
Swarovski RB tM 35 Battery
€69.00 *
Swarovski AFL Antibeschlag-Linse
Swarovski AFL Anti-Fog Lens
From €432.00 *
Swarovski RB AFL Battery for AFL
Swarovski RB AFL Battery for AFL
€56.70 *
Swarovski CSO Linsenreinigungsset
Swarovski CSO Lens Cleaning Set
€67.00 *
Swarovski WB Isolierte Wasserflasche
Swarovski WB Insulated water bottle
€49.00 *
Eisele Zielfernrohr Etui ZF-big 8.381.0
Eisele Riflescope Case ZF-big 8.381.0
Content 1 Stück
From €264.00 *
Eisele Zielfernrohr Etui Farben
Eisele Riflescope Case 8.380.0
Content 1 Stück
From €220.00 *
Umbau des Absehens bei Swarovski Zieloptiken
Conversion of the reticle at Swarovski X5i and...
Content 1 Stück
€621.00 *
Swarovski Ballistic Programm
Swarovski Ballistics Program
Content 1
€0.01 *
Swarovski dS Configurator
Swarovski dS Rifle Scope Configuration App
Content 1
€0.01 *
Swarovski Vorhaltemaß-App
Swarovski Vorhaltemaß-App
Content 1
€0.01 *
Swarovski PBR personalisierter Ballistikring für BTF
Swarovski PBR personalized ballistic ring for BTF
Content 1 Stück
€173.00 *
Swarovski SLP Zielfernrohrschutzdeckel mit Magnetverschluß
Swarovski SLP Scope Lens Protector
Content 1 Stück
€116.10 *
Swarovski BTF Flexibler Ballistikturm
Swarovski BTF - Flexible Ballistic Turret
Content 1 Stück
€290.70 *
Swarovski TL Vergrößerungshebel
Swarovski TL Throw Lever - for Z8i, Z6(i) and...
Content 1 Stück
€109.00 *
Swarovski Beleuchtungseinheit BE-5 Digital
Swarovski Illumination Unit BE-5 Digital
Content 1 Stück
€320.00 *
Nachrüstung eines Z6(i) Zielfernrohres mit Ballistik Turm
Retrofitting of a Z6(i) rifle scope with...
Content 1 Stück
€343.00 *
Swarovski PBC - personalisierter Ballistik Turm
Swarovski PBC - personalized ballistics turret
Content 1 Stück
€179.00 *
Swarovski Scope Guard
Swarovski SG Scope Guard
Content 1 Stück
€67.00 *

Rifle Scope Accessories from Swarowski Optik - proven & reliable

The aim of the innovative rifle scope accessories from top manufacturer Swarovski Optik is to improve the functionality of the high-quality rifle scopes in practice and to reliably protect the equipment. Whether it's a protection cover for the rifle scope, a practical ballistic turret or after-sales-service like changing an existing reticle at Swarovski Optik rifle scopes: In our range you will find tried and tested rifle scope accessories with which you can use your rifle scope more sophisticatedly and at the same time enjoy a long service life, as the protective cap and protective cover provide the necessary protection against dirt and dust and thus maintain the value of your optics.


The right rifle scope accessory for every situation

Whether it is about safe transport or you want to facilitate handling during the hunt: The manufacturer Swarovski Optik offers a wide range of suitable accessories for the riflescopes of the different lines.


Reliable protection for the optics - easy to use

In order to guarantee the functionality of the rifle scope during a hunt, a protection cap or lens cover offers the best protection for your lenses. Rain, snow, dust or other dirt flying through the air due to wind and weather in the woods or in the open fileds does not affect the brilliant optics of the high-quality riflescopes from Swarovski Optik thanks to the practical protective caps. The SLP protective cover is characterised by robust materials and easy handling: The aluminium cover can be opened in all directions and rotates 360°. The magnetic closure is reliable and uncomplicated.

Swarovski Optik offers innovative protective covers - the Scope Cover - for safe transport and optimum protection against a wide range of weather conditions. The flexible neoprene protective cover can be easily and silently pulled over the scope and removed via a loop. This keeps the high-quality optics clean and yet is quickly ready for use.


Improved functionality - small products, big effect!

Do you use an older target optic but still want to benefit from innovative technology? The Swarovski Optik service offers you, among other things, the possibility of retrofitting a illuminated reticle or converting the reticle to another one. You can also use a suitable illumination unit to bring your older optics technically up to date and thus benefit from a daylight-capable illuminated reticle on the next driven hunt. Furthermore, you can adapt the Z8i target optics to your needs with a flexible ballistic turret, which can be mounted without tools and individually configurable - or retrofit the Z6i target optics at the factory. This allows you to easily and uncomplicatedly set the shooting distance at your target optics when hunting at long distances and only need to hold "zero" at any distance You want. There is no easier way to hunt over long distances, because all the ballistic data you need for hunting has been stored mechanically in the ballistic turret. It couldn't be more reliable. is your ideal contact partner

Our range of rifle scope accessories from Swarovski Optik includes high-quality technology and practical innovations for your rifle scope. Based on our many years of experience, we can offer you comprehensive advice and support in selecting the right products. Simply call us at +49-6071-922765 and we look forward to hearing from you!