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Swarovski tMA Klemmadapter für tM 35
Swarovski tMA thermal monocular adapter
Swarovski tMA thermal monocular adapter for tM 35 - this allows you to use the Swarovski tM35 thermal imager as an attachment to your rifle scope when hunting.
€204.30 *
Swarovski RB tM 35 Akku
Swarovski RB tM 35 Battery
Swarovski RB tM 35 Battery - Extra power on the hunt for your Swarovski tM 35 thermal imager
€69.00 *
Swarovski tM35 Wärmebildgerät
Swarovski tM 35 Thermal Image
The Swarovski tM 35 is designed as a thermal imaging device for hunting and can be used both as an observation device and as an attachment on a rifle scope
€2,565.00 *

Accurate thermal imaging attachments for Swarovski riflescopes

To be able to use the Swarovski riflescope both during the day and at night, the manufacturer offers an innovative thermal imaging technology as an attachment. You get a thermo-optical hunting equipment as a high-quality complete solution for the passed hunter and thus turn night into day.

tM35 as thermal imaging attachment for day and night

The tM35 enables respectful observation and precise target acquisition. By means of a clamping adapter, the thermal imaging attachment can be combined with the Swarovski riflescope to form a repeatable optic that meets the high demands of modern hunting - sustainably, in keeping with the law of the hunt. Whether you want to observe, detect or target with your thermal imaging optics: The tM35 thermal imaging attachment is the right choice for this. Thanks to White Hot and Black Hot, you will always find the appropriate mode for the ambient conditions and conditions of the hunt.

As a thermal imaging attachment, the tM35 with 1x magnification shows off its optical, detailed strengths, especially in adverse weather conditions. With the thermal imaging attachment, you can immediately locate heat sources - no matter what distance you are from the object. Because the tM35 delivers images without a light source, you can easily use the thermal imager in complete darkness, increasing your chances of a fast, reliable and accurate shot. With a screen resolution of 2560 x 2048, the tM35 delivers top-notch images, although they don't quite match the high detail of night vision devices.

Connect thermal imaging attachment to target optics with repeatable accuracy.

According to the manufacturer, the tM35 can be combined as a thermal imaging attachment with all current riflescopes of the in-house Z8i, Z6(i), Z4i, X5(i) series as well as the older models of the PV-N, PV-I, PVI-2, Z5 and Z3 series. An exception is currently the driven hunt scope Z8i 8x24 with SR rail. All other rifle scopes can be combined with the thermal imaging attachment with repeat accuracy using tMA clamping adapters.

Intuitive, simple, practical - Thermal imaging attachment for your Swarovski riflescopes

Get the maximum advantage in just a few easy steps: The thermal imaging attachment is intuitive and easy to operate. With just one push of a button, you have activated the tM35 for the entire hunting period and, thanks to the clever automatic switch-on and switch-off SWAROLIGHT, the thermal imaging attachment quickly and absolutely silently switches to the idle or active mode as soon as you move the hunting rifle to a vertical position. Absolutely clever, the display automatically adjusts its brightness to the environment. You thus only have to make minimal movements during the hunt and move silently through the forest.