LED-Leuchtkorn Day Nightfire 1 st generation

LED-Sight 1st gen Day&Nightfire

  • Titanium Gunworks
  • PD-01308
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LED powered front sight 1st Generation Day&Nightfire for hunting rifles The LED-Sight 1st... mehr
Produktinformationen "LED-Sight 1st gen Day&Nightfire"

LED powered front sight 1st Generation Day&Nightfire for hunting rifles

The LED-Sight 1st generation Day&Nightfire differs in the luminosity to the current models and other variants of the illuimnated LED sights. Nevertheless, it enables fast, reliable target acquisition with open sights - even in poor lighting conditions. Since the 1st generation Day&Nightfire gives way to newer models, you can buy the remaining stock from us at reasonable prices.


All highlights at a glance:

  • Battery lasts approx. 10 to 12 hours
  • Redundancy: can be used like a normal front sight in case of battery failure
  • Height-adjustable luminous sight
  • can be used during the day in a passive state as a conventional luminous sight
  • compatible with many hunting rifles, including Blaser R93, Heym SR 30, Mauser M03 and Sauer 202
  • Can be used on other weapons using a potrusion bolts installated on the barrel


Advantages for driven hunts and searches

The Day&Nightfire already glows passively in daylight like a conventional fibre sight. The LED is switched on at dawn, dusk or simply in poor lighting conditions (e.g. tree shade, cloudy visibility, rain) and optimum target detection can be achieved independently of daylight. Last but not least, target acquisition with LED beacons is much faster and more intuitive when the sights are open, because the rear sight and front sights can be positioned more easily.


With a hunting rifle with riflescope, the LED-Sight can easily be carried on the rifle - unlike a red dot sight. The price of the red dot sight also differs, especially now that the 1st generation Day&Nightfire is being sold at particularly low prices. In addition, no reflections, raindrops or scattered light interfere with the target detection, as is the case with some reflex sights.


Low-priced remaining stocks: We stock the 1st generation Day&Nightfire LED-Sight "while stocks last". So it's worth it. If you need assistance in selecting the right LED -Sight, please call us at +49-6071-922765. We will advise you individually!


Instructions for use available for download in advance:

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Eigenschaften für LED-Sight 1st gen Day&Nightfire
Leuchtstärke der LED: 3-5
Form der LED-Beleuchtung: roter Leuchtpunkt, ca. 1mm Durchmesser
Farbe des Korns: rot/orange
Farbe der LED-Beleuchtung: rot
Korn leuchtet auch passiv im Tageslicht: ja
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