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Lupine Penta
Lupine Penta
The Lupine Penta is a compact headlamp for almost any outdoor adventure - from hunting, fishing, mountain climbing, hiking and more.
€155.00 *
Lupine Sattelstrebenhalter montiert
Lupine Rotlicht Seatrail Mount
Lupine seat post holder - for fixing the Lupine red light to the bicycle if there is no space available on the seat post
Content 1 Stück
€19.00 *
Lupine Rotlicht
Lupine Rotlicht (international edition)
Lupine Rotlicht - the intelligent safety backlight for your bicycle
Content 1 Stück
€89.00 *
Lupine Sattelstrebenhalter
Lupine Rotlicht Crossbar
Lupine Lupine Crossbar Saddle holder - for attaching the Lupine red light to a second bicycle
Content 1 Stück
€9.50 *
Lupine Rotlicht Max (internationale Version)
Lupine Rotlicht Max (international edition)
Lupine Rotlicht Max (international edition) - the red light with double battery power for use on a bicycle
Content 1 Stück
€105.00 *
Lupine Rotlicht Backpack Mount
Lupine Rotlicht Backpack Mount
Lupine Red Light Backpack Mount - For attaching your red light to your backpack or bag. Further accessories and lamps of the manufacturer Lupine you will find in our Onlineshop!
Content 1 Stück
€15.00 *
Lupine Piko TL Max
Lupine Piko TL Max
Lupine Piko TL Max - the compact high-performance torch with a larger battery for hunting, outdoor or security.
Content 1 Stück
€315.00 *
Lupine SmartCore FastClick Akku 2,0Ah
Lupine SmartCore FastClick Battery
Lupine SmartCore FastClick Battery: Additional energy for your Lupine headlamp or bicycle lamp
Content 1 Stück
From €94.00 *
Lupine Schnellspanner Wilma
Lupine Bike Mount for Wilma
Lupine Bike Mount for Wilma - The elegant solution for attaching the Lupine headlamp to your bike
Content 1 Stück
€32.00 *
Lupine Verlängerungskabel 120 cm
Lupine Extension Cable
Lupine Extension Cable - More flexibility and mobility with your Lupine lamp
Content 1 Stück
From €12.00 *
Lupine Alpha Bike Mount 31,8mm
Lupine Alpha Bike Mount 31,8mm
With the Lupine Alpha quick release bike mount you transform the Lupine Alpha helmet lamp into a unique bicycle lighting.
€32.00 *
Lupine Stirnband FrontClick
Lupine Headband FrontClick
The standard headband for all Lupine front-click headlamps
€30.00 *
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Products from Lupine



Lupine - the name stands for first-class lighting for leisure, sport and hunting from Germany. For more than 25 years Lupine has been developing and producing high-quality, innovative and practical lamps - Made in Germany. Due to the high demands on performance and longevity of the lamps, the company has the majority of the individual components manufactured in Germany or neighbouring European countries. Lupine thus guarantees a unique level of quality that will delight hunters, amateurs, athletes and many other people. 

Lamps for more freedom outdoors

In around 25 years of company history, Lupine has developed into a pioneer and technology leader in the field of outdoor and mountain bike lighting. The company was one of the first to offer waterproof lamps for outdoor use that functioned exclusively with LED lighting. Lupine also convinces in the field of electrical components with first-class quality and comprehensive know-how. For example, the Piko with 1,800 lumens and the Betty R with 5,000 lumens are among the innovations in the industry. Just a few years ago, such values would have been unimaginable. Lupine has made this technical progress and others market-ready through constant research and development.

When selecting the components, great attention is therefore paid to quality, durability, origin and efficiency. The aim is always to achieve absolutely perfect functionality - even under the most extreme conditions. Snow, rain, humidity, dirt, dirt, cold: nothing should harm the lamps, electronic defects should be excluded as far as possible. And even if the lamps are not infallible, the manufacturer gives a two-year guarantee and a customer-friendly service with fast repair and advice. 

The lamps are not only popular in the private sector for outdoor, leisure and hunting activities, but are also regularly used under professional conditions, for example for rescue or expedition purposes. The mountain rescue service and the police also rely on the high quality Made in Germany.


Lamps for outdoor, leisure and hunting pleasure

With several thousand lumens, Lupine's lamps are extremely bright, which is proven in various situations. The products also feature versatile lighting options so that the lamps can always be adapted to individual requirements - for example, with red light invisible to wildlife when stalking at night or using the batteries as a power bank for the smartphone. Lupine's lamps are absolutely first-class in quality, cleverly designed and extremely practical.


Lupine headlamps consist of a light unit that varies in size and lumen depending on the model, a rechargeable battery and holder, and a comfortable headband that guarantees a reliable grip on the head. Even the smallest headlamps like the Piko have an extremely high luminosity and a long battery life. The LED lamps can be programmed in different modes - from Superflash to economical emergency lighting. All lamps with "R" can be controlled via Bluetooth via remote control or smartphone app. 

Our recommendation among the headlamps is the Blika. The lamp is characterized by versatile application possibilities especially in hunting. The Blika is equipped with red and green light. This makes it suitable, for example, for night stalking to the hide, if you want to remain unnoticed by the game (light-technically). In addition, the Blika is a practical headlamp - like many other products in this range - for searching for and breaking up game, where both hands must be free. 


The torches & flashlights are ideal for quick use - even by different people, for example. You can hand them over quickly without having to take off your headband. Depending on the intended use, you can choose between torches that fit in your trouser pocket or large models with their own charging station. The flashlights can be used in a wide variety of ways - whether in leisure time or in professional applications, for example when searching for people or animals. Of course, due to their high luminosity and wide beam of light, they are ideal for searches when you need the best possible overview.


Accessories and more from the assortment

Lupine also offers lighting for bicycles and mountain bikes as well as helmet lamps. In addition, there are practical accessories such as the FrontClick interchangeable system for Blika and Piko, with which the lamp can be quickly transferred from the headband to the helmet. Particularly practical are the various batteries, which can also be used throughout as a power bench for smartphones. They are available in various sizes and in the FastClick system for quick replacement. The battery can be quickly connected to the smartphone or other electronic equipment via USB using the USB One adapter.


With its wide range and numerous possible combinations, Lupine offers a lot of freedom in outdoor and hunting design. Due to the high quality of the lighting technology and the housing, however, you always have a reliable companion at your side. will be happy to advise you in detail on the head and rod lamps of the German manufacturer and their possible applications in hunting and leisure.