Swarovski AFL Anti-Fog Lens

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AFL Anti-Fog Lens: For fast response in wet, foggy & cold conditions. Every second counts when... more
Product information "Swarovski AFL Anti-Fog Lens"

AFL Anti-Fog Lens: For fast response in wet, foggy & cold conditions.

Every second counts when the game suddenly changes and the moment has come to shoot. But on a winter stalk in sub-zero temperatures, your breath condenses on the ice-cold lenses as soon as you bring your hunting rifle to bear and aim at the target. Cold and damp weather conditions such as rain and fog also put a damper on accurate and fast shooting. The AFL anti-fog lens from Swarovski Optik addresses this problem and provides clear vision through the eyepiece lens on the riflescope.

The highlights of the AFL anti-fog lens at a glance:

  • Compact dimensions: 66 x 86 x 50 mm
  • Low weight: 120 g (incl. battery)
  • Ready for operation after max. 2 minutes (depending on ambient temperature)
  • Automatic switch-off at > +10°C (energy saving)
  • Long battery life of 4 h at -10°C
  • Integrated SLP eyepiece protection cap
  • Right- and left-sided mounting possible


  • RB AFL rechargeable battery
  • RBC battery charger
  • Charging cable
  • Coin wrench
  • Slotted wrench
  • Sticker (see SLP-E-46)

Compatible with

  • Z8i, Z6i (Gen. I and Gen. II) and dS from Swarovski Optik
  • Helia riflescopes from Kahles (except Helia 3)

Note: The battery must be removed for charging, but can be charged via powerbank on the go if necessary.

AFL anti-fog lens - not only an advantage for driven hunts

Particularly when hunting on the move, such as driven hunts, a lightning-fast reaction is required once the object has been captured. But in other situations, too, fog, wetness, your own breathing or rising heat from your clothing can cause the eyepiece lens to fog up - and before you have time to fire, the game has passed by. Anyone who has sat in front of a fogged lens during a winter hunt because they only exhaled once knows the problem all too well. The lens is cooled down by the ambient temperature and the breath immediately causes fogging - the view is obscured, aiming impossible. Not with the AFL anti-fog lens from Swarovski Optik: once activated, it takes a maximum of 2 minutes for the AFL anti-fog lens or scope to be ready to fire. This means that once you have put the AFL anti-fog lens into operation, it heats the eyepiece lens, which subsequently no longer fogs up - regardless of the weather, ambient temperature or other influences. We recommend that you simply turn on the AFL at the start of your hunt so that you are always ready to fire.


Simple and flexible handling make the AFL a practical companion

Using a clamping mechanism, the AFL anti-fog lens is easily mounted to the eyepiece of your riflescope. The manufacturer recommends left-side mounting for right-handed shooters and right-side mounting for left-handed shooters. As a note, the interpupillary distance is shortened by about 1 cm when the AFL is mounted (depending on the position of the diopter adjustment ring). Thanks to the simple mode of operation and simple design, the AFL is quick and easy to use: Only an on/off switch and an LED indicator for the battery charge level can be found on the anodized aluminum housing. This allows the anti-fog lens to be activated without many adjustment options.


A real recommendation for hunters & huntresses!

The AFL anti-fog lens from Swarovski Optik is a practical accessory for the riflescope and shows its advantages in cold, wet weather. This means you don't have to worry about accurate, fast shooting even in adverse weather conditions and can enjoy the hunting experience without a fogged eyepiece lens on the riflescope.


If you have any questions about the new AFL anti-fog lens from Swarovski Optik, please feel free to contact us during business hours by phone at 06071-922765 or simply by email.

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