Titanium Gunworks LED-Sight Chamäleon

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LED-Sight With the LED illuminated front sight for Your hunting rifle, we have pushed the... more
Product information "Titanium Gunworks LED-Sight Chamäleon"

LED-Sight With the LED illuminated front sight for Your hunting rifle, we have pushed the performance of using open sights untill night! - so it is a perfect tool for hunting on driven hunts, follow ups and anything, but the worst light and weather conditions

With our latest LED-Sight "Chamäleon" we have illuminated the whole bead of the front sight - this results in an easier-to-use then our first editions of the LED-Sights "Classic" or "Day&Nightfire" (with those there is just a small dot of the bead illuminated!) and a much higher light output - so day light visibility has increased very much! It interacts also with a broader range of rear sights then the old editions.

The funny part of the Chamäleon is, that it changes itå«s colour: in daylight (passive mode) it is yellow/green, while as soon as you turn the LED power on, it shines bright red/orange.

In daylight, the LED-Sight "Chamäleon" could be used like a normal fibre sight as it´s plastic material is light gathering and self-illuminating under the sun. But as soon as You swith the LED on, You have an active illuminated front sight, allowing You ta aim & shoot under the worst light conditionns easily (untill darkness!) - which You can´t perform with any other open sights!

The battery (Battery BR 435) runs up to 15 hours. The housing is waterproof sealed. The sight is height adjustable. 1:1 exchange with most rifles - and in worst case just a potrusion bolt is required - which is not a big task for any serious gunsmith!


1:1 exchange is possible with this type of guns (if not a special edition):

  • Blaser R93
  • Blaser R8
  • Blaser K95
  • Heym SR 30
  • Heym SR 21
  • Mauser M03
  • Mauser M12
  • Sauer 202
  • Sauer 303
  • Sauer 404
  • u.v.m.

and with an adaptor also with this type of guns

  • Benelli
  • Browning
  • Rößler
  • Remington
  • Sako
  • TikkaåÊ


Technical Details:

  • Length: 78 mm
  • Height of Base: 14 mm
  • max. height of the bead over the base: 6 mm
  • Weight with battery: ca. 12 g



With the editions "Firefly" and "Camäleon" You donå«t need to place the bolt ( #10 in the manual) between the spring while assembling the LED-Sight on your rifle.


Comparing the different modells (left to right: Day&Nightfire, Chamäleon, Firefly)
Comparing Camäleon (left) and Firefly (right) in daylight and at night conditions
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Eigenschaften für Titanium Gunworks LED-Sight Chamäleon
Leuchtstärke der LED: 25-35
Form der LED-Beleuchtung: komplettes Korn leuchtet
Farbe des Korns: rot/orange
Farbe der LED-Beleuchtung: rot
Korn leuchtet auch passiv im Tageslicht: ja
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