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Aufkippmontage für Weaver-Profil / Ringe
Recknagel Scope Mount for Weaver / rings
The Recknagel tilt-up mounting for Weaver profile / rings is used for rifle scope mounting without a rail.
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€149.90 * €259.00 *
Recknagel folding wrench for triangular nut
Recknagel folding wrench for triangular nut
The corresponding folding wrench for the triangular nut from Recknagel. You can find more Recknagel products in our Onlineshop!
Content 1 Stück
€73.50 *
Recknagel Riemenbügelöse Magnum-Öse
Recknagel Sling Swivel "Magnum"
Recknagel Sling Swivel "Magnum" - a solid swivel for reliable carrying of Your rifle
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€26.00 *
Recknagel Riemenbügelöse Imperial-Öse
Recknagel Sling Swivel "Imperial"
The Imperial swivel is a very well processed sling swivel from the company Recknagel. You can find many more weapon accessories in our online shop!
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€17.50 *
Recknagel Aufkippmontage für Weaver-Profil / Swarovski SR-Schiene
Recknagel Scope Mount for Weaver / Swarovski...
Recknagel's tilt-up mounting for a Weaver profile enables the mounting of target optics with a Swarovski SR-Rail
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From €249.00 *
Aufkippmontage für Weaver-Profil Swarovski SR-Rail
Recknagel Scope Mount for Weaver / Zeiss Rail
Recknagel's tilt-up mounting for a Weaver profile enables the mounting of target optics with a Zeiss inner rail.
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From €249.00 *
Abnehmbare Riemenbügel
Recknagel Swivels
The Recknagel sling swivels are removable and have a protection against unintentional loosening to protect your hunting rifle.
From €78.00 *

Products from Recknagel


Recknagel - robust scope mounts & accessories "Made in Germany"

With great enthusiasm for function and technology, much passion for hunting and a commitment to innovation, Recknagel manufactures high-quality, robust riflescope mounts, open sights and hunting weapon accessories. The entire production area - from development to delivery to the hunting trade - is designed for the highest level of quality. The primary goal of the German company is the precision of the products for hunting and tactics - and this is not left to chance.

At Recknagel, quality is the result of modern techniques, equipment and careful quality assurance. The individual wishes of the hunters are always taken into account.


Enthusiasm for hunting leads to precision quality

The Recknagel company has a generation-spanning passion for high-quality products for hunting. In 1867 Adolf Recknagel laid the foundation stone for today's company with "Made in Germany" quality. In his home town in Thuringia, he sets up his own business and, after learning his trade at J.P. Sauer & Sohn, manufactures beads, sights, rifle locks and other parts for the Suhl rifle factories. With the arrival of his son and son-in-law, the one-man business becomes a family business - the Reitz & Recknagel company.

In 1933 two Recknagel companies exist in parallel - Christian Recknagel and his son Erich. However, at the end of the Second World War both companies were dismantled by the Soviet occupation of Thuringia. In the same year Christian Recknagel moved from Thuringia to Bavaria, where he manufactured post-war articles and utensils. In 1948 he received permission to manufacture weapon parts and resumed the former family tradition. Two years later Christian and Erich Recknagel open their first company in the West.

In 2000 Gabriele Recknagel, the 6th generation of the family, takes over the company. At this time G. Recknagel e.K. maintains connections to the most important companies in the industry at home and abroad. With the market launch of the "ERA-TAC" brand, Recknagel now also manufactures tactical assemblies and accessories for civil and official use.

The company has retained its many years of experience to this day. Recknagel stands without exception for reliable rifle scope mounts with high precision. Due to the steel production they are extremely robust and practice-oriented. Recknagel implements special wishes and requirements of the hunters for the products at any time.

For hunting & tactics: The Recknagel product range

Recknagel's production focuses on the hunting and leisure sector. Only a few years ago the company, today based in Bergrheinfeld near Schweinfurt, developed and produced extremely robust products for tactical and official use. These are offered under the brand name ERA-TAC. The ERA product range includes all products that Recknagel manufactures for hunting. The manufacturer offers one of the largest ranges of hunting accessories and spare parts.

Aiming devices

With a very large product selection of beads, bead saddles, open sights and the appropriate front and rear sights, Recknagel offers the right solution for almost every requirement in the area of aiming devices. Due to the high variety, optimal aiming devices can already be found in the standard program. This means that the aiming device can be adapted to the hunting weapon without compromise.

Although the aiming devices were always up-to-date and continuously modernized, Recknagel offers conservative traditional models, as they were already produced at the beginning of the company history. These primarily include silver bead grains, beam grains and open sights (standing and escape visors).

The modern designs are adapted to today's requirements - such as coloured plastic inserts for beads and sights, fluorescent materials or fibre-optic inserts from TRUGLO USA.

Hunting weapon accessories

With the hunting weapon accessories Recknagel offers not only the possibility of the functional, but also the optical improvement of hunting weapons. The range here includes a versatile selection of sling guards, trigger guards, stock magazines and monogram caps as an attractive finish for the pistol grip as well as an individual touch for the hunting weapon. The sling swivels offered include ball sling swivels, ring sling swivels, sling swivels and sling swivels for attachment to the increasingly popular Weaver / Picatinny rails. 

System technology

The focus of system technology lies in the area of safety. For this purpose Recknagel manufactures various safety devices and shotgun triggers - including 3-position safety devices, standard lock safety devices, SECURA lock safety devices with integrated pawl or left-hand safety lever.

Scope Mounts

The swivel and pivot mounts, which Recknagel manufactures and sells under the ERAMATIC trademark, are characterised by a high load capacity and perfect handling - not only in the simulated DEVA shot load test, but of course also in practical use by numerous hunters. The steel rifle scope mounts can be easily adapted to the respective model thanks to the modular system - whether air rifle, repeating rifle or combined hunting rifle. The swivel mounts also convince with easy height and side adjustability, low construction and a high manufacturing quality with unmistakable design. Recknagel already offers prefabricated complete solutions for the most common bolt action rifles. Nevertheless, all components remain interchangeable/individualizable.

For particularly low versions, the TL swivel mount with an overall height from 10.7 mm is the best choice. In addition, the range includes tilt-on and slide-on mounts in one- or two-piece versions, made of aluminium or steel, SSK-II mounts with lateral clamping lever as well as tilt-on and bridge mounts for Weaver and Picatinny rails. Recknagel also offers aluminium mounting rails to match.


With a very versatile range and individually adaptable products, Recknagel fulfils almost all the requirements and wishes of hunters - and at the highest level. Above all, the many years of company tradition and the associated specialist knowledge enable an extremely high product quality, which is in use thousands of times and has proven itself for years.