Shipping and Terms of Payment

You can choose between different shipping and payment methods. These can be country-specific



You will see the shipping costs at the end or the order process. In most countries You could choose between different shipping agents.

If You have just very small goods which are not expensive, You may choose the option "Small parcel" which could be shipped worldwide, but only for small items.


Export to forreign countries:

Shipping hunting equipment into foreign countries is sometimes no problem, but sometimes also covered with restrictions. So if You are in doubt, please contact us. Within the countries of the EU, it is usualy ver easy

Outside the EU, we don´t charge the VAT (19%) (You see the price without VAT at the end of the order process), but You may have to pay Your own country´s VAT when importing them. For items with more then 1000,- € of value (exporting outside EU!), we have to clear the good with German customs, which is a very time consuming process. Prices upon request.


payment methods

  • Paypal
  • credit card
  • prepayment
  • Invoice (only possible for existing customers)
  • direct debit